PMU Division


PMU section of BC Division deals with the following:

  • Parliament Question and Parliamentary Matters, concerning more than one donor agency.
  • Short term foreign training courses/seminars/workshops;
  • Coordination Work of BC Division:
  • Coordination with the Office of CAA&A in respect of External Aid.
  • All matters received from Administration and other Divisions of DEA.
  • Preparation of Budgetary & Revised Estimates (BE & RE) in respect of Externally Aided Projects (to be sent to Office of the CAA&A) and for sub-heads "Foreign Travel Expenses", "Publication" and "Protocol & Hospitality"(to be sent to Admn. Division).
  • Monthly/Quarterly Reports/Returns
  • Preparation of Standard Briefs.
  • Preparation of Induction material /Annual Report
  • Preparation of briefs for new FM/FS .
  • Updation of website ( for BC Division)

Sectoral Charge: DONER

Territorial Charge: North Eastern States

External Territorial charge: