Bilateral Cooperation Division

Major Functions

Bilateral Cooperation Division deals with Bilateral Development Assistance from all G-8 countries, namely, USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada and Russian Federation as well as the European Union and the policy relating to it. This Division is also the Focal Point for administering all short term foreign training courses of the duration upto four weeks offered by various international agencies.

This Division also deals with the work relating to extension of Lines of Credit to other developing countries which includes support to NEPAD, TEAM 9, ASEAN and ECOWAS.

The Bilateral Cooperation & Coordination Division comprises of the following Sections:

Project Management Unit & Training (PMU & Trg.) Ms Niharika Barik Singh
Mr. Amrish Kumar
Under Secretary
Tel. 23092181
Intercom. 5068
Room No. 269, North Block
E-mail: amrish[dot]kumar[at]nic[dot]in
CIE.II / IDEAS Shri Mool Chand
Tel. 23092639
Intercom: 5065
Room No. 233, North Block
E Mail: mchand[at]nic[dot]in
Japan Section Ms. Petal Dhillon
Director (Japan, North America)
Tel: 2309 2100
Intercom: 5089
Room No. 66-C, North Block
E Mail:
Shri Abhay Kumar Sharan
Under Secretary (Japan)
Tel: 23093167
Int: -
Room No. 276, North Block
E Mail:abhay[dot]sharan[at]nic[dot]in
North America Shri Subrat Pradhan
Deputy Director(North America)
Tel: 23093168
Int: 5228
Room No. 79-A, North Block
E Mail:pradhansubrat26[at]gmail[dot]com
Europe Ms Niharika Barik Singh
Shri Praveen Dudeja
Under Secretary (Europe-I)
Tel: 23093515
Int: 5073
Room No. 221-A, North Block
E Mail:praveen[dot]dudeja[at]nic[dot]in
Sh. Anurag Rohtagi
Under Secretary (Europe-III & IV)
Tel: 23094966
Int: 5025
Room No. 241-E, North Block
E Mail: anurag[dot]r[at]nic[dot]in

Name & contact address of division head

Shri Rajesh Khullar,
Joint Secretary (ABC),
Department of Economic Affairs
Room No: 34-C, North Block,
New Delhi - 110001
Tel: 2309 3881
Fax: 2309 2024
Intercom: 5039
E-mail: rajesh[dot]khullar[at]nic[dot]in