Draft Final Report of the Task Force on Revival of Cooperative Credit Institutions

  1. Annexure XVI: Composition of Loans of PACS (using 5 district PACS data)
  2. Annexure XVII: Staff Productivity of PACS State-wise
  3. Annexure XVIII: Share of Deposits According to Type for DCCBs
  4. Annexure XVIII(A): Share of Deposits According to Ownership for DCCBs
  5. Annexure XIX: Frequency Distribution of DCCBs According to Profitability (selected States)
  6. Annexure XIX(A): Frequency Distribution of DCCBs According to NPA % (selected States)
  7. Annexure XIX(B): Frequency Distribution of DCCBs According to Recovery % (selected States)
  8. Annexure XX: Mutually Aided Cooperatives Societies Act Model Draft
  9. Annexure XXI: Special Chapter for Financial Cooperatives
  10. Annexure XXII: Draft Memorandum of Understanding

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.01 Rural Cooperative Banking and Credit Institutions play an important role in meeting the growing credit needs of rural India. The volume of credit flowing through these institutions has increased. The performance of these institutions, however (apparent in the share of total institutional credit and the indicators of their financial health), has been less than satisfactory and is deteriorating rapidly. Of late, a number of Committees have gone into the reasons for this situation and suggested remedial measures, but there has been little progress in implementing their recommendations.

1.02 The Government of India, which is committed to reviving and revitalising the rural cooperative credit structure (CCS) and attributes high priority and urgency to it, felt it necessary to commission a fresh review. The Union Government constituted a Task Force (vide Government of India notification dated 05 August 2004 reproduced in Annexure I) to formulate a practical and implementable plan of action to rejuvenate the rural cooperative credit structure. The Task Force comprises the following members and permanent invitees:


Prof. A. Vaidyanathan, Emeritus Professor, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai.


Shri M Rama Reddy, President, Sahavikasa Cooperative Development Foundation, Hyderabad

Prof. M. S. Sriram, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Shri A. K. Singh, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (nominated by the Union ministry of Agriculture, Government of India)

Shri H.S. Chahar, Secretary, Cooperation, (now Principal Secretary) Government of Orissa (nominated by the State Government of Orissa)

Shri L. M. Chaube, Managing Director, U.P. State Cooperative Bank (nominated by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh)

Shri U. C. Sarangi, Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Government of Maharashtra (nominated by the State Government of Maharashtra)